Pyramat is one of the best products of our company LIFEGAIN MEDICAL This mat contains 261 pyramid shape Aarush which is healthy for our body and helps to improve the blood circulation of the body.

According to Oriental Therapy, our body is divided in three Parts. Our body will always be healthy if we take care of these Parts. The three Parts are:

  1. Head to Chest
  2. Chest to Navel
  3. Navel to Pelvis
  4. You can use Pyramat on all these sections which will relieve and diminish the health problems associated with these Parts.


  • Pyramat contains 261 pyramid shape Aarush which gives us more FIR (FAR INFRARED RAYS) and also gives the benefits of Acupressure therapy.
  • Pyramat helps to improve the immunity power of our body
  • Pyramat improves Respiratory System, digestive System and blood circulation.
  • Pyramat helps us to maintain the body temperature.
  • Pyramat generates Negative Charge ions which help to improve our nervous system.


  • We can use Pyramat by sleeping upright on it, taking it on as a sheet or folding it around the Back.
  • Pyramat is very easy to use and every age group can use it.
  • Two people can take the therapy simultaneously on the Pyramat
  • Children can use the Pyramat while studying.
  • Pyramat therapy can also be taken while taking sleep all night.
  • Pyramat is portable. It can easily be taken from one place to another place.