New Life (Thermal Massager Bed)

NEW LIFE is an automatic therapy machine. It is one of the best physiotherapy machine created by LIFEGAIN MEDICAL .LIFEGAIN Thermal Massage Bed works by combining the effects of massage, acupressure, and moxibustion or heat therapy to the body. The result is reduced muscle aches & tension, pain relief, better flexibility, improvement in blood circulation & restful sleep at night.

Acupressure And Thermal FIR Therapy :
The inbuilt device in the machine which emits heat along with the acupressure effect to the body. Due to this treatment the nervous system of the body get's improved. Acupressure healing touch reduces tension, increases circulation, and enables the body to relax deeply. With the help of FIR rays many bacterias/viruses which causes disease gets killed. It also promotes the rebuilding of injured tissues, it even improves the immune system of the body


Moxibustion Therapy Through NEW LIFE SSK 9900

Moxibustion provides relief from the stubborn musculoskeletal pains, sports injuries and pain conditions that traditional Western treatments are not fully successful in diagnosing and treating.Moxibustion treatments warm regions of the body and specific acupuncture points.


Chiropractic Therapy Through NEW LIFE ( THERMAL MASSAGER BED )

With the Chiropractic therapy over the NEW LIFE the problems associated with bones, joints and the back are treated. It diagnoses, treats and prevents joint, muscle and ligament conditions.It provides proper position to spine.